Merced 2020 Project

Our goal is to complete the Merced 2020 Project this summer. The multiyear project is adding 1.2 million square feet of space to the university for academic, administrative, recreational and community use. Construction work on state projects is exempt from Gov. Gavin Newsom’s shelter-in-place order. However, construction workers at the university are practicing physical distancing and sanitizing protocols, and only essential staff are on-site, said Fran Telechea, Executive Director for Design and Construction Management. Most university staff connected to the project are working remotely. The buildings scheduled to open in the third and final phase of the 2020 Project include a Conference Center, two student housing complexes, an administrative center, and a health/athletics center.

interactive map: explore the merced 2020 project

New System to Streamline Staff Hiring

UC Merced is moving to a new staff hiring system that will make it easier for candidates and recruiters to manage and apply for jobs online. Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM), which will replace the current system, PAWS, is expected to launch in early June 2020, in concert with the final deployment of UCPath in the UC system. TAM features intuitive, easy-to-use pages for every step in the recruiting process, allowing employees and external candidates to search, view and apply for positions.

With built-in applicant tracking, recruiters can focus on the most important outcome – identifying and hiring talent quickly. TAM also ensures a recruitment process that complies with state and federal employment regulations.

Concur Travel System Prepares for Takeoff

Implementation is underway for Concur, a new system to handle travel and reimbursement for campus employees. The system, which will replace Express, provides streamlined data entry and a more flexible user interface. The implementation team has documented requirements and is beginning baseline configuration.

What does this mean for me as a traveler/delegate?

• Save time scanning receipts by taking pictures through the mobile application • Automatically track mileage with Google Maps • Travel bookings will tie into your expense reports

What does this mean for me as an travel approver?

• Approve travel prior to bookings and compare against budget • Ability to track the request and tie to the reimbursement • Comprehensive reports available out of the box

Alpha Financials On Schedule, Launches Website

The Alpha Financials project for the implementation of the Oracle Financials Cloud system remains on schedule, with the system’s capabilities becoming available to UC Merced in January 2021. This extensive project will lay the foundation for ongoing enhancements that will dramatically improve access to our financial data. The implementation team consists of staff from the Division of Finance and Administration (DFA), the Office of Information Technology (OIT), our implementation partner, Deloitte, and campus-wide stakeholders. As part of the implementation process, the team has launched a website that provides extensive information about the Alpha Financials project. Please give it a look. Another project working in parallel with Alpha Financials is the development of a new chart of accounts, which will support the campus’ financial structure and reporting needs.