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Surround yourself with people

who will push you to succeed.

Chiarra Miranda

Congratulations Faris! I will always be grateful for meeting you at UC Merced because you have always been a mentor and best friend to me. I am so proud of you and I look forward to seeing what you will be doing in the future.

Teresa Truong

Picture right: Faris Avdić

Work hard and even your

wildest dreams can come true.

Edgar Eduardo

After my education at UCM, I was ready to begin my journey in a medical training. I only knew about allopathic and osteopathic medicine. After doing research on what type of medicine I will be more interested in, I realized that Naturopathic Medicine was a good fit for me because it will help in alleviating the expected shortage of physicians by closely working with patients in reaching wellness especially in rural areas where healthcare access is limited.

Gino Bancayanvega

Graduation is only the beginning of a new chapter.

Emilie McCall

Freshman year, block party. Met these random people and am still friends with them today, also met milkshake!

Remember to close your laptop, turn your phone off, and grab your favorite person and embrace the beauty of Yosemite. Luckily, my favorite person has been with me since 3rd grade!

Laurence Morgan

Visiting Mirror Lake at Yosemite with my fiancé, who is also a Bobcat and will graduate in Spring, and our first apartment together.

Congratulations Brandon! It's been a quick three and a half years, and you've graduated early. We DEM boys are so proud of all you've accomplished and look forward to seeing you move onto even better things. Best of luck and we know you'll be doing great things.


Picture of Brandon Leong and his friends at Denny's after he was initiated into Delta Epsilon Mu

Who would've known that we would be going to the same college, but you have been nothing but supportive and I am so lucky to have you as an older brother. You continue to inspire and encourage me each day. I am extremely proud of you, congratulations on graduating, you made it!!

Teresa Truong

This is a photo of my brother and I as babies.

Bianey!!! Congratulations! I'm very glad we got to meet each other our first year! Maddie, Mayra and I are very proud of you and even though we didn't get to graduate together we will be forever grateful for the time we spent as friends throughout undergrad :) <3

Denise Rosas

Friend group photo of a snow day in Yosemite National Park

Minimo! FINALLY! You're done! Congratulations on graduating and I wish you the very best on your future success. Embrace today. The best has yet to come!

Dennison Ocampo

Jay! FINALLY! You're done! Congratulations on graduating and I wish you all the best for the future that lies ahead. Embrace today. Here's to making dreams come true!

Dennison Ocampo

You did it Gisselle! Best decision I’ve ever made was to take bio110 over the summer and meet you, a kind hearted best friend. Mark and I couldn’t be happier for you, you’re destined to do great things and aspire your goal of being the best nurse you can possibly be. Congrats!

Daisy Ramos

Picture of graduate and friends at the pumpkin patch in Atwater last year

Trust the process. Patience is a virtue.

Efrain Gutierrez

I took this photo on campus recently as a final walk through campus as the leaves were changing colors. Just something I wanted to see before I graduate. My final love letter to UC Merced.

Congratulation to everyone for this accomplishment!

Arghavan Fadamin

Thank you all for everything! I hope you all are happy and successful! We forget we come from the earth and to the earth we must return. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Victor Petersen

Thanks for all the memories and thank you for letting me represent the UC as a student athlete.

Jericka Yehudah

Cowchella Spring 2018

First Trixy & Shayal and now you Liani. That's 3 out of the 7. I can say this with confidence that we are all very proud of you and grateful for your friendship. From amazing times like making the Bio Class Project, our Sherk Movie Night, watching Cody Ko Videos, and loving/hating F45, and other hangouts- the memories we made are forever. I hope we can all be together soon and celebrate. Congrats to the Fall 2020 graduate

- Liani Yong -Best, Struggles

Luis Vargas-Marquina

Image of our friend group after a fun hangout together - Pre-COVID

Congratulation Minimo & Jay! We love you and can't wait to see you both succeed in life! You guys give so much and now its time for life to give back to you! We are so proud and cant wait to see what is in store for you next!

Love always,

Dawany, Sage, Benji, & Suyat

Christian Suyat

Group picture with graduates Stephanie Minimo and Jay Tesoro.

Work hard and believe in yourself

Lin He

You looked for it then and reached it now, the end of the tunnel. Congratulations, so well done, we couldn't be prouder!

Love you,

Mom and Dad

Photo of Vernon Bussler - 1st semester, 2016, standing in front of UCM sign and looking into the future;-)

When I first took this image, I really had no idea what sort of life Merced had in store for me. I used to take the train back and forth between Modesto and Merced, every day, to attend classes. Now that I'm walking away in what seems like the blink of an eye, I miss those sorts of days, especially after the pandemic changed our ways of communication and learning. However, I can say for a fact that UC Merced was one of the best places I could have ever attended, and success is possible even when there's a million obstacles in your way. Congrats to my fellow Bobcats in this crazy time!!! We made it!!!!!

Kari Allen

I took this image on the morning of my first day heading to Merced.

Victoria! We would like to congratulate you on all your accomplishments and successes here at UC Merced. Running the executive board of Ballet Folklórico with you has been such a memorable experience. Thank you for being such an amazing dancer, colleague, and friend. Cheers to you and all your future endeavors!

Much love and luck,

Celeste, Lupe, and Diana

Diana Lua

Ballet Folklórico de UC Merced Executive Board 2019-2020

I could not be more proud of you, Nunu! You have overcome more obstacles than anyone I know, yet you’ve used your strength and commitment to succeed. When I started as a UCM student, I knew you would have my back, and I will always have yours. Congratulations!

Melanney Giron

Group photo of a trip to Berkeley, CA

While the road to achieving our degree might not be the smoothest, not even a rough road can impede us from achieving our goals and dreams. #rough

Humberto Sandoval

This is a picture of a rough road sign. This was taken Fall 2018 for Pi Lambda Phi’s initiation weekend.

We are so so proud of you!!! YOU DID IT!!! YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

Pat and Laura (aka: mom & dad)

While on the college journey.

We did it Class of 2020! Four years were full of challenges but we did not give up the journey and all of our endurance and persistent became fruitful! Though we are not able to walk the stage in person and cross the bridge during the commencement, remember that your accomplishments at UC Merced are special and celebrated by all of the UCM family.

Lydia Kim

I studied abroad at Prague in fall 2019 and took this picture at Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen, Germany. UC Merced has the best study abroad advisors! When I was unsure about the idea of studying abroad, the student workers and advisors were very kind to answer my infinite amount of questions and they were super helpful in deciding which program to choose! They made the whole application process easy as well. Studying abroad was the one of the best decisions I've made in UCM. So much self-growth, learning new cultures and opportunities to travel while earning course credits.

Congratulations Adrian. Your graduation is a proud day for you and the family. Watching you realize your dream makes us the happiest of parents. Looking forward to see where life takes you next.


Mom and Dad

Pcitured Left: Adrian Estrella


class of 2020