There's been a lot of change in the last year. Find information here that will help you navigate new and changing services for the start of in-person instruction.

Classroom Technology in the time of CoViD

As we return for the Fall 2021 semester, we are juggling a return to routine while still keeping COVID-19 concerns at the top of our minds.

In alignment with university policy and campus needs, Academic and Emerging Technology (AET) has made adjustments to classroom technology to support teaching and learning while still taking precautions. As with everything, the landscape is uncertain and ever-changing.

We have created a web page to keep faculty and staff informed of current restrictions and changing precautions. We will update this page regularly as guidance and policy changes.

Service Hub

OIT is excited to announce the launch of the Service Hub, a new web interface with a responsive search feature that makes it easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for: from services we provide, to support we offer and how-to documentation, plus much more!


During 2020, OIT created a RemoteLab service to allow faculty, staff, and students to connect to computing environments and specialized instructional software that AET typically offers in our physical computer labs.

While physical computer lab space will be available as usual during Fall 2021, RemoteLab will also continue to be available to faculty and students who need to access instructional software remotely.


Over the past year, Zoom has earned its place as the tool that enables hybrid work - both for coursework and University business.

OIT now maintains a Zoom information page to keep users informed about key features and issues. There, you'll find:

  • a searchable, interactive database detailing the level of Zoom capability of campus classrooms and meeting spaces
  • documentation for commonly used features
  • FAQs

UC Merced CONNECT: Simplified Access

In late 2020, the Office of Information Technology and External Relations launched UC Merced Connect.

Connect is our campus app, desktop portal, communications platform, and one-stop-shop for access to key campus systems and technologies.


What You'll FIND in CONNECT

Tap MY MERCED to find:

  • Persistent daily log in - sign in once with your UCMNetID and move seamlessly between most platforms from Connect
  • Quick links to popular campus applications like email, Box, and Zoom
  • Employee resources like UCPATH, APO, TRS, and more
  • Faculty-specific resources like Digital Measures and Academic Case Management System (ACRS)

Tap TEACH to find:

  • Access to course & student management systems like CatCourses, GRIP, Banner SIS, and Slate


  • Key campus resources all in one place: Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS), Office of Information Technology (OIT), Campus Safety and Library

OUR Spaces:

As you return to campus (or arrive for the first time!), we encourage you to take a look at Our Spaces, an interactive database that details room status, updates, and features of the over 350 campus classrooms and spaces that AET supports.

  • Click on a room to bring up more details about the space.
  • Click on the magnifying glass to use the Filter, Sort, and Search functions to find spaces with specific features or to get insight into your fall classrooms or conference spaces.
  • Find links to report technology or facility problems in your room, reserve the room, or even request event support.

A new Searchable Database

OIT Behind the Scenes

OIT is pleased to announce OIT Behind the Scenes, a webinar series planned for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Some of our planned webinar topics include:

UC Merced Connect Protecting Your Online Identity Cybersecurity Incidents at UC Merced Office 365 Tool Suite Classroom Support Productive Collaboration Research Computing Technology Procurement

The goal of this series is to increase OIT’s outreach to our campus partners and enhance end-user understanding of OIT resources.

We look forward to seeing you in the sessions that look most interesting to you!


Coming Soon

OIT Behind the Scenes: Learning to (UC Merced) Connect Thursday, September 2 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Coming Soon: A New Status

Early this fall, OIT will release a new status page that tracks the functionality of all major campus IT systems, including a number of key vendor-hosted services such as Office 365, Zoom, and more.

Once released, campus users will be able to visit the page or subscribe to automatic alerts via the method of their choice: email, webhook, RSS, Teams, or Slack.

The new page will give OIT the capability to build integrations and automations with existing campus information, communication and alert systems. Our end goal is to provide campus users quicker access to and more accurate information during outages and maintenance.