Using the UC Merced Student Portal

You've actually already used the student portal - it's where you submitted your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR). The portal is an important resource that you'll use throughout your time at UC Merced, and now is no exception. At, you can find updated, secure, 24-hour access to comprehensive information about Financial Aid, Admissions, registration, records and more. Learn more about taking advantage of the student portal.

Student Services Found in Your Portal

Your checklist

On your personalized checklist, you can find all of the requirements that you need to complete and the dates they need to be completed.

Each student has different Financial Aid, Admissions, registration and residency requirements that need to be fulfilled, so your checklist might not look the same as your friend's or classmate's.

Access to your UC Merced email account

You were provided with a UC Merced email address when you submitted your SIR. It's important that you check your UC Merced email, because that is where we send important information. Once you've logged in to the portal, you can access your email by clicking on the WebMail tab at the top of the page.

You can opt to forward University email communications to a different account. If you do so, it is your responsibility to ensure that all information sent to your official University-assigned email account, including attachments, is properly forwarded to that other email account.

The fine print:

Student Email Account Responsibilities:

Pursuant to campus policy, all UC Merced students are responsible for taking the following actions:

  • Activating their university-assigned email account, preferably upon expressing their intent to register or as soon thereafter as possible
  • Accessing all information sent to their university-assigned email account
  • Managing their university-assigned computing and email accounts

Acceptable Use Policy:

When you claimed your UC Merced email account, you were asked to read and agree to the terms of the Information Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy. In case you didn't read the terms before checking the box, we'd like to remind you that you are required to abide by all associated state and federal laws and adhere to University policies when connected to the UC Merced network, or when using any of the University's network-based tools and resources. Although we recommend you review the terms at the link above, here is a highlight of the items you should be most aware of: No illegal sharing of copyrighted or licensed materials, no unauthorized use of University systems, no stalking, no spamming, and no use of University network resources for commercial gain.

Financial Aid, Admissions and your student account

  • MyFinancialAid will link you to your individual student awards as well as student requirements
  • MyAdmissions will link you to any outstanding Conditions of Admission you need to fulfill
  • MyBill will link you to your student account, where you can manage payments and much more

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