Our Faculty


chris amemiya

Genetic basis and EvoDevo of vertebrate innovations

Email: camemiya@ucmerced.edu

david ardell

Computational biology and evolution of gene expression mechanisms

Email: dardell@ucmerced.edu

miriam barlow

Experimental evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria

Email: mbarlow@ucmerced.edu

laura beaster-jones

Evolution and development of chordates, developmental gene regulatory networks, STEM education research

Email: lbeaster-jones@ucmerced.edu

anna beaudin

Defining origin of developmentally restricted immune cells and developmental basis of immune dysfunction

Email: abeaudin@ucmerced.edu

michael beman

Microbial ecology and biogeochemical cycling in the oceans

Email: mbeman@ucmerced.edu

gordon m. bennett

Evolution of animal-microbial symbioses

Email: gbennet2@ucmerced.edu

jessica blois

Terrestrial paleoecology, niche and community modeling and phylochronology

Email: jblois@ucmerced.edu

wei-chun chin

Polymer physics and engineering of cellular and environmental systems

Email: wchin2@ucmerced.edu

michael cleary

Cell fate decisions and regulation in Drosophila neural stem cells and RNA decay

Email: mcleary4@ucmerced.edu

michael colvin

Models of biological processes and molecular dynamics of disordered proteins

Email: mcolvin@ucmerced.edu

michael dawson

Evolutionary ecology, biogeography and phylogeography of marine invertebrates

Email: mdawson@ucmerced.edu

betsy dumont

Understanding the relationships between morphology, behavior and performance in a variety of vertebrates including bat, carnivoran and avian species

Email: edumont@ucmerced.edu

eva de alba

Biochemical and biophysical approaches to understanding the molecular mechanisms regulating inflammation and programmed cell death

Email: edealbastarrechea@ucmerced.edu

danielle edwards

Ecological, phenotypic, genomic and behavioral evolution of reptiles and amphibians

Email: dedwards5@ucmerced.edu

ariel escobar

Cardiac cellular signaling and techniques to study cardiac cells in vivo

Email: aescobar4@ucmerced.edu

carolin frank

Plant microbiomes; function, community assembly, transmission, and dispersal

Email: cfrank3@ucmerced.edu

marcos garcia-ojeda

General microbiology, microbial systems, STEM education research

Email: mgarcia-ojeda@ucmerced.edu

xuecai ge

Cell signaling in neural development, brain tumors and neurological disorders

Email: xge2@ucmerced.edu

ajay gopinathan

Theory at the interface of biophysics and soft condensed matter physics

Email: agopinathan@ucmerced.edu

juris grasis

Microbiome regulation, viral metagenomics, systems immunology

Email: jagrasis@ucmerced.edu

stephen hart

Terrestrial wildland ecosystems ecology, plant and soil microbe interactions

Email: shart4@ucmerced.edu

aaron hernday

Epigenetic and transcriptional networks, metabolic engineering of yeasts

Email: ahernday@ucmerced.edu

linda hirst

Experimental soft matter physics and biophysics

Email: lhirst@ucmerced.edu

katrina hoyer

Immunological tolerance and auto-immune disease, regulatory T cells

Email: khoyer2@ucmerced.edu

kirk jensen

Parasite pathogenesis and immunology, toxoplasma and host-immune responses

Email: kjensen5@ucmerced.edu

shilpa khatri

Fluid-structure interactions and multiphase flows in the ocean

Email: skhatri3@ucmerced.edu

petra kranzfelder

Entomology, aquatic insect community ecology, systematics, STEM education research

Email: pkranzfelder@ucmerced.edu

changqing li

Cancer imaging, cancer therapy, fluorescence molecular tomography, x-ray imaging, biomedical imaging

Email: cli32@ucmerced.edu

bin liu

Bacterial motility in complex media, single-cell behavior in biological processes

Email: bliu27@ucmerced.edu

andy liwang

Structural biology of circadian clock proteins and nucleic acids, NMR spectroscopy

Email: aliwang@ucmerced.edu

patricia j. liwang

Biochemistry and structural biology of chemokines, anti-HIV microbicides

Email: pliwang@ucmerced.edu

gabriela loots

Organismal systems biology, limb and skeletal development, genetics of bone metabolism, transcriptomics

Email: gloots@ucmerced.edu

jennifer manilay

Developmental immunology, cell fate regulation, hematopoiesis

Email: jmanilay@ucmerced.edu

kara mcklosky

Stem cell and tissue engineering for regenerative medicine applications

Email: kmccloskey@ucmerced.edu

emily jane mctavish

Computational approaches to big trees and big data, phylogenetics genomics, The Open Tree of Life

Email: ejmctavish@ucmerced.edu

emily moran

Evolutionary ecology of plant responses to environmental change

Email: emoran5@ucmerced.edu

victor munoz

Protein folding, structure prediction and design, protein aggregation

Email: vmunoz3@ucmerced.edu

chih-wen ni

Mechanobiology, angiogenesis, vascular biology

Email: cni3@ucmerced.edu

clarissa nobile

Molecular development of microbial communities, biofilm formation

Email: cnobile@ucmerced.edu

rudy ortiz

Aldosterone in cardiovascular disease and Angiotensin II in metabolic diseases

Email: rortiz@ucmerced.edu

nestor j. oviedo

Stem cell regulation, cancer and regeneration in planarians

Email: noviedo@ucmerced.edu

scott roy

Molecular evolution, gene/genome structure, intragenomic conflict, balancing selection, sex chromosomes and determination

Email: sroy5@ucmerced.edu

ramen saha

Epigenetic mechanisms of neuronal gene transcription, roles in mental health and autism

Email: rsaha3@ucmerced.edu

jason sexton

Plant adaptation, species range limits biological invasions and evolutionary conservation science

Email: jsexton2@ucmerced.edu

suzanne sindi

Mathematical biology, dynamical systems and computational biology and bioinformatics

Email: ssindi@ucmerced.edu

mark sistrom

Viral evolution, metagenomics and genomics with a focus on comparative methods

Email: msistrom@ucmerced.edu

paul smaldino

Population dynamics, social and cultural evolution, self-organization, mathematical and computational modeling

Email: psmaldino@ucmerced.edu

joel spencer

Novel optical imaging and sensing systems for applications in tissue regeneration, transplantation, and cancer

Email: joel.spencer@ucmerced.edu

anand bala subramaniam

Experimental biophysics, cellular reconstitution, experimental synthetic biology

Email: asubramaniam@ucmerced.edu

sharhar sukenik

Biophysical chemistry, structural biology; Understanding the interplay between proteins and their environment by combining biophysical methods and live cell microscopy

Email: ssukenik@ucmerced.edu

susanah tringe

Sequence-based approaches to studying microbial community assembly, function and dynamics

Email: sgtringe@ucmerced.edu

christopher viney

Biomolecular materials, biologically inspired material synthesis and processing

Email: cviney@ucmerced.edu

axel visel

Human functional genomics and enhancers in development and disease

Email: avisel@ucmerced.edu

zhong wang

Applications of high performance computing to big-sequencing data and machine learning

Email: zwang37@ucmerced.edu

fred wolF

Genetic and neural coding of behavior in Drosophila

Email: fwolf@ucmerced.edu

stephanie woo

Endoderm development and epithelial morphogenesis in zebrafish

Email: swoo6@ucmerced.edu

tanja woyke

Microbial genomics of candidate phyla representatives and development of functionally targeted single-cell approaches

Email: twoyke@ucmerced.edu

jing xu

Experimental biophysics, quantitative biology single-molecule analysis of molecular motors

Email: jing.xu@ucmerced.edu

justin yeakel

Animal foraging and food web dynamics over space and time

Email: jyeakel@ucmerced.edu

maria elena zoghbi

Structural, biochemical and functional studies of membrane transport proteins

Email: mzoghbi@ucmerced.edu


chris amemiya

Quantitative and Systems Biology Graduate Program Chair

Email: camemiya@ucmerced.edu

Telephone: 209-228-3376

Website: qsb.ucmerced.edu