Our Faculty



Hui Cai

Experimental condensed matter and materials science, synthesis, electronic and optical properties of quantum materials and 2D materials

Email: hcai6@ucmerced.edu

raymond chiao

Nonlinear and quantum optics, experiment and theory; detection and generation of gravitational radiation via quantum mechanical systems (in collaboration with Professor Jay Sharping)

Email: rchiao@ucmerced.edu

chih-chun chien

Theoretical condensed matter, superfluids and superconductors, non-equilibrium physics of ultra-cold atoms, energy transport, novel hybrid quantum systems

Email: cchien5@ucmerced.edu

Kinjal Dasbiswas

Theoretical biological physics and soft condensed matter: mechanobiology, cell and tissue physics, pattern formation, out-of-equilibrium soft and biological materials.

Email: kdasbiswas@ucmerced.edu

Sayantani Ghosh

Experimental condensed matter physics, magnetism, metamaterials, nanoscience and quantum systems

Email: sghosh@ucmerced.edu

Ajay Gopinathan

Theoretical biophysics, biopolymer structure-dynamics and function, molecular motors, intracellular transport, cell migration, collective motion, active matter, non-equilibrium systems and soft condensed matter

Email: agopinathan@ucmerced.edu

linda hirst

Experimental soft matter physics and biophysics: liquid crystals, soft nanocomposites, biopolymers, membranes and active matter

Email: lhirst@ucmerced.edu

dustin kleckner

Experiments on geometry and topology in soft matter and fluids

Email: dkleckner@ucmerced.edu

bin liu

Experimental soft condensed matter physics, biophysics, biological transport, non-Newtonian fluids and mechanical metamaterials

Email: bliu27@ucmerced.edu

sarah loebman

Computational astrophysics: galaxy evolution, dark matter, and chemo-dynamics in the Local Universe, using high-resolution galaxy simulations, survey data and Big Data

Email: sloebman@ucmerced.edu

kevin mitchell

Nonlinear dynamics and chaos, with applications to AMO (atomic, molecular and optical) physics and fluid dynamics

Email: kmitchell@ucmerced.edu

Anna Nierenberg

Observational astrophysics: strong gravitational lensing constraints of dark matter, low-mass galaxy formation and evolution

Email: anierenberg@ucmerced.edu

michael scheibner

Experimental quantum science and technology for sensing, metrology, phononics, photonics, materials engineering, information processing, resource sustainability and extreme environments

Email: mscheibner@ucmerced.edu

jay sharping

Ultrafast laser technology and applications in physics, chemistry and biology

Email: jsharping@ucmerced.edu

david strubbe

Theoretical condensed matter and materials science, electronic and optical properties, 2D materials, amorphous materials, photovoltaics, nanoscience, high-performance computing, electronic structure methods

Email: dstrubbe@ucmerced.edu

lin tian

Theoretical questions in solid-state quantum computing, quantum simulation, hybrid quantum systems, optomechanics, decoherence and noise models

Email: ltian@ucmerced.edu

roland winston

Solar power and renewable energy, elementary particle physics, nonimaging optics

Email: rwinston@ucmerced.edu

jing xu

Experimental biophysics, soft matter, and nonlinear dynamics and complex systems: biomaterials, molecular motors, microtubules, optical trapping, fluorescence microscopy, Monte Carlo simulations

Email: jing.xu@ucmerced.edu


Venkattraman Ayyaswamy

Mechanical Engineering | Plasma physics

Mehmet Baykara

Mechanical Engineering | Tribology and surfaces

mike colvin

Chemistry and Chemical Biology | Biomolecular simulation

arvind gopinath

Bioengineering | Soft matter and biophysics

Hrant Hratchian

Chemistry and Chemical Biology| Theoretical chemistry

Shilpa khatri

Applied Mathematics | Fluid dynamics

sarah kurtz

Materials and Biomaterials Science and Engineering | Solar energy

Henrik Larsson

Chemistry and Biochemistry | Computational chemistry

jennifer lu

Materials and Biomaterials Science and Engineering | Functional materials synthesis

victor munoz

Bioengineering | Biophysics of proteins

elizabeth nowadnick

Materials and Biomaterials Science and Engineering | Computational materials science

aleKSANDR noy

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory | Biomaterials

aurora pribram-jones

Chemistry and Chemical Biology | Theoretical chemistry

Tomas Rube

Applied Mathematics | Mathematical & Computational Biology

anand subramaniam

Bioengineering | Biomaterials

tao ye

Chemistry and Chemical Biology | Bio/nano interfaces



Physics Graduate Program Chair

Email: cchien5@ucmerced.edu

Telephone: 209-228-2224

Website: physics.ucmerced.edu

Kevin Mitchell

Graduate Admissions Chair

Email: kmitchell@ucmerced.edu