“We’re not interested in stripping away everything that makes management hard — we want students to understand how people, technology and nature operate together, and how we can better engineer these systems.”

-- Professor LeRoy Westerling

career prospects

The M.M. program has dedicated placement services and staff, with the goal of 100% placement within six months of graduation.

We have developed the M.M. program with local business and public-sector leaders in mind and close discussion, and have found broad support for hiring graduates with the kinds of skills that will be taught in our program.

Based on these discussions with the practitioner community, we believe that M.M. graduates will have marketable skills that will put them at a competitive advantage in a number of ways.

the future of leadership

UC Merced pioneers and embraces cross-collaborations and new and unorthodox approaches to research and teaching, our students get well-rounded and inspiring understanding of the subjects they study from a variety of perspectives.

By doing everything just a little differently, UC Merced is training the next generations of leaders in fields that demand that kind of complex thinking now and for the future...