mechanical ENGINEERING
M.S. | PH.D.

The Mechanical Engineering (ME) Graduate Program is dedicated to educating a new generation of engineers and researchers who aim to master the fundamentals of mechanical sciences and engineering. Students use innovative and cutting-edge research techniques, methodologies, instrumentation and equipment to solve problems that are relevant to modern society.

ME research affects society through the development of innovative sustainable technologies and methods that cover a variety of scientific and engineering fields. Graduate studies in ME will enhance students’ understanding of physical phenomena and provide them with modern analytical tools for the design and synthesis of mechanical components and systems. Our emphasis covers a rich field of discovery and an evolving discipline that continuously adapts to tackle challenging problems.

research areas

  • Agricuture automation
  • Metallic additive manufacutring and repairing
  • Design, manufacturing and optimization
  • Dynamics, mechanics and controls for biomechanical applications
  • Electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices
  • Electrokinetic and multiphase heat transport in porous media
  • Energy conversion and thermal systems
  • Engineering systems and machines for agriculture
  • Fuel cells and electrolyzers
  • Mechatronics for sustainability
  • Nanomechanics and nanotribology
  • Plasma science and engineering
  • Scientific data-drones and unmanned systems
  • Solar power and renewable energy
  • Tribology: friction, wear and lubrication
  • Vibrations and noise control
  • Water and energy technologies

mechanical engineering at uc merced

The graduate program in Mechanical Engineering at UC Merced is dedicated to the education of a new generation of mechanicists and researchers in areas related to mechanical engineering who aim to master the fundamentals of the mechanical sciences — which include disciplines such as continuum mechanics, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, and energy conversion — while being exposed to state-of-the-art research techniques, methodologies and equipment to solve problems that are relevant to modern society like green energy, mechanical modeling and synthesis, tribology, robotics and mechatronics, control systems, and more.