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Venkattraman (Venkatt) Ayyaswamy

Plasma science and engineering; microplasmas; plasma-wave interaction; nanomaterial synthesis modeling; stochastic modeling of non-equilibrium flows; rarefied/microscale gas dynamics

Email: vayyaswamy@ucmerced.edu

mehmet z. baykara

Mechanics on the nanometer and atomic scales; scanning probe microscopy with applications in nanotribology and nanoelectronics; atomic-resolution imaging and spectroscopy of surfaces; surface science

Email: mehmet.baykara@ucmerced.edu

yangquan chen

Scientific data-drones and unmanned aircraft systems; mechatronics and control systems; cyber-physical systems; applied fractional calculus in complex phenomena characterization; complex signal analysis; complex system modeling and control

Email: ychen53@ucmerced.edu

Po-YA abel chuang

Experimental and modeling research of renewable energy: Hydrogen, electrochemistry, Fuel cell, electrolysis, heat transfer, fluid flow, two-phase, porous media, etc.

Email: abel.chuang@ucmerced.edu

Jeanette Cobian- Iniguez

Use of experiments to gain fundamental understanding of wildfire behavior, remote sensing data to derive data driven models of regional wildfire behavior as well as in science communications and outreach

Email: jcobian3@ucmerced.edu

gerardo diaz

Renewable energy conversion; dynamic simulation and control of thermal systems; biomass gasification; thermal and non-thermal plasma applications to energy generation and water conservation; optimization of thermal systems; solar thermal

Email: gdiaz@ucmerced.edu

reza ehsani

Automation, robotics, and intelligent machines for agriculture; developing sensors and systems with applications in agriculture, food industry; precision agriculture and horticulture, mechanization and mechanical harvesting systems

Email: rehsani@ucmerced.edu

sachin goyal

Computational dynamics, mechanics, and controls with biomechanical applications such as human biomechanics in various pathological conditions and modeling the deformations of biological filaments.

Email: sachin.goyal@ucmerced.edu

Alejandro Gutierrez

Linear and non-linear modeling of solids with applications to the mechanical and civil works industry, computer-aided-engineering, structural design, experimental testing, data analysis, and engineering programming

Email: agutierrez78@ucmerced.edu

Marcus lee

STEM pedagogy, computational fluid dynamics, unsteady aerodynamics

Email: mlee406@ucmerced.edu

min hwan lee

Electrochemical energy conversion and storage, fuel cells, electrocatalysis, nanoscale materials engineering

Email: mlee49@ucmerced.edu

yanbao ma

Heat transfer, metallic additive manufacturing, water and energy technologies, and X-ray technologies

Email: yma5@ucmerced.edu

ashlie martini

Tribology (friction, wear and lubrication) and phenomena associated with sliding interfaces and their mechanisms from atomic- to macro-scale; wear due to surface contact and sliding; use of solid coatings to minimize friction and wear in extreme environments; the role of lubricants and lubricant additives in interface efficiency and performance

Email: amartini@ucmerced.edu

michael modest (emeritus)

Radiative Heat Transfer (both experimentally and theoretically); Laser Machining of Ceramics (both experimentally and theoretically)

Email: mmodest@ucmerced.edu

james palko

Multiphase heat transfer and electrokinetic transport in porous media; modeling heat transfer and flow in additive manufacturing; thermal management of power electronics and mobile devices; electrochemical energy storage; water purification technologies

Email: jpalko@ucmerced.edu

Ricardo Pinto de Castro

Zero-emission vehicles; control and optimization; power conversion and energy management; energy storage systems; electric and robotic vehicles; safe and resilient motion control

Email: rpintodecastro@ucmerced.edu

Brandon Stark

Unmanned aerial systems safety, control, unmanned vehicles

Email: bstark2@ucmerced.edu

jian-qiao sun

Vibrations; noise control; industrial automation; sensors; actuators; bio-mechanics and physical rehabilitation; building-energy-control systems; condition monitoring and diagnosis; energy harvesting; multi-objective optimization

Email: jsun3@ucmerced.edu


Roberto Andresen Eguiluz

Email: randreseneguiluz@ucmerced.edu

sarah kurtz

Email: skurtz@ucmerced.edu

francois blanchette

Email: fblanchette@ucmerced.edu

stefano carpin

Email: scarpin@ucmerced.edu

arvind gopinath

Email: agopinath@ucmerced.edu

ajay gopinathan

Email: agopinathan@ucmerced.edu

marcelo kallmann

Email: mkallmann@ucmerced.edu

changqing li

Email: cli32@ucmerced.edu



Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program Chair

Email: mehmet.baykara@ucmerced.edu

Telephone: 209-228-4723

Website: me.ucmerced.edu