Our Faculty

John Abatzoglou

Climate variability and change; climate impacts to agriculture, water resouces, ecosystems, wildfire, human health

Email: jabatzoglou@ucmerced.edu


Hydrology, glaciology, paleoclimate, atmospheric chemistry, environmental engineering

Email: rbales@ucmerced.edu


Organizational behavior, diversity and teams, service delivery, digital platforms and the sharing economy

Email: abhappu@ucmerced.edu

Spencer Castro

Validity of reaction time and accuracy as measures of different aspects of workload, as well as quantifying the risk of adverse outcomes due to these workload metrics in driving. Cognitive modeling techniques to examine the mechanisms of attentional capacity, multitasking, and performance

Email: scastro39@ucmerced.edu

jeffrey jenkins

Human-environment geography, parks and protected areas, visitor use management, regional plannin

Email: jeff.jenkins@ucmerced.edu

catherine keske

Environmental studies, applied economics at food-water-energy nexus, land and resource management in fragile ecosystems

Email: ckeske@ucmerced.edu

Crystal A. Kolden

Characterizing and understanding wildfire intersections with the human-environment system through geospatial, temporal, and mixed-methods approaches

Email: ckolden@ucmerced.edu

tea lempiala

Innovation studies, organization theory, technological innovation processes and collaboration

Email: tlempiala@ucmerced.edu

paul maglio

Service science, human-computer interaction, distributed cognition

Email: pmaglio@ucmerced.edu

russell mcbride

Entrepreneurship, strategy, cognitive science, and the structure of social reality

Email: russ.mcbride@ucmerced.edu

Tracey Osborne

Social and political economic dimensions of climate change mitigation in tropical forests and the role of Indigenous Peoples, the politics of climate finance (with particular emphasis on carbon markets), global environmental governance, and climate equity and justice

Email: tosborne@ucmerced.edu

alexander petersen

Evolution of large multiscale socio-economic systems, applying methods from complex systems, statistical physics, management and innovation science

Email: apetersen3@ucmerced.edu

leroy westerling

Appliedclimatology, wildfire, simulation and scenario analysis, climate change impact assessment, resource management policy

Email: awesterling@ucmerced.edu

lisa yeo

Economics of information systems, security and privacy, organizational behavior

Email: lyeo2@ucmerced.edu


john abatzoglou

MCS Graduate Group Chair

Email: jabatzoglou@ucmerced.edu

Website: https://mcs.ucmerced.edu