Our Faculty


roger bales

Critical-zone science; water resources; climate applications

Email: rbales@ucmerced.edu

asmeret asefaw berhe

Terrestrial biogeochemistry; soil science; soil organic matter dynamics

Email: aaberhe@ucmerced.edu

j. michael beman

Microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of aquatic ecosystems

Email: mbeman@ucmerced.edu

marc beutel

Surface water quality; mercury and nitrogen cycling; treatment wetlands

Email: mbeutel@ucmerced.edu

jessica blois

Terrestrial paleoecology; niche modeling; phylogeography and phylochronology

Email: jblois@ucmerced.edu

Elliott Campbell

Sustainable bioenergy assessment, ecological design and atmospheric sciences and engineering

Email: ecampbell3@ucmerced.edu

Abel Chuang

Thermal management and electrochemistry; loop heat pipes and fuel cells

Email: abel.chuang@ucmerced.edu

martha conklin

Biogeochemistry; surface water/ground water interactions; chemical processes in snow

Email: mconklin@ucmerced.edu

michael dawson

Ecological genetics and evolution; stasis and change in marine and terrestrial systems

Email: mdawson@ucmerced.edu

gerardo diaz

Energy conversion systems; dynamic simulation and control of thermal systems

Email: gdiaz@ucmerced.edu

reza ehsani

Automation, robotics, and intelligent machines for agriculture; developing sensors and systems with applications in agriculture, food industry; precision agriculture and horticulture, mechanization and mechanical harvesting systems

Email: rehsani@ucmerced.edu

marie-odile fortier

Life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology development; Energy systems modeling Increasing geographic specificity in LCA; Climate change mitigation strategies; Renewable energy systems

Email: mfortier2@ucmerced.edu

carolin frank

Microbial genome evolution; community ecology of endophytes

Email: cfrank3@ucmerced.edu

teamrat ghezzehei

Soil physics,agroecology, soil systems modeling, sustainability

Email: taghezzehei@ucmerced.edu

thomas harmon

Fluid flows and mass fluxes in natural and engineered environments

Email: tharmon@ucmerced.edu

stephen hart

Terrestrial microbial and ecosystem ecology; climate change in forest ecosystems

Email: shart4@ucmerced.edu

erin hestir

Aquatic ecosystems under threat from competing pressures to meet societal needs for water and food security while sustaining biodiversity and other ecosystem services; expertise in geospatial analytics, hyperspectral and satellite remote sensing, and sensor networks in inland and coastal waters and wetlands

Email: ehestir@ucmerced.edu

jeffrey jenkins

Natural resource management; public lands and protected areas

Email: jeff.jenkins@ucmerced.edu

catherine keske

Applied economics in mountainous and semi-arctic ecosystems; Coupled natural and human systems; Sustainable resource management

Email: ckeske@ucmerced.edu

sora kim

Paleoecology; climate change; environmental reconstruction; stable isotope biogeochemistry

Email: skim380@ucmerced.edu

Sarah kurtz

Studying the transition to our clean-energy future and how solar, wind, and storage will all fit together to deliver our energy at lower cost than we have today.

Email: skurtz@ucmerced.edu

valerie leppert

Air particulate matter; environmental nanophases; energy nanomaterials

Email: vleppert@ucmerced.edu

yanbao ma

Energy transport and thermal management in energy systems; water desalination

Email: yma5@ucmerced.edu

Mark Matsumoto

Water and wastewater treatment, hazardous waste site remediation

Email: mmatsumoto@ucmerced.edu

JosUE Medellin-Azuara

Large scale hydro-economic modeling for water management and policy analysis

Email: jmedellin-azuara@ucmerced.edu

emily moran

Ecological and evolutionary responses of plants to environmental change

Email: emoran5@ucmerced.edu

colleen naughton

Global food and water security; life cycle assessment; geographic information systems

Email: cnaughton2@ucmerced.edu

peggy o'day

Environmental geochemistry; cycling and transport of inorganic contaminates

Email: poday@ucmerced.edu

Alexander Petersen

Data-oriented, focusing on the evolution of large multiscale socio-economic systems by applying concepts and methods from complex systems, statistical physics, management and innovation science to address broad problems calling on multi-disciplinary collaboration

Email: apetersen3@ucmerced.edu

wolfgang rogge

Air pollution engineering and science; fate and transport of air pollutants

Email: wrogge@ucmerced.edu

rebecca ryals

Agroecology; Climate Change; Soil Health; Ecological Sanitation; Carbon Sequestration; Greenhouse Gas Dynamics

Email: rryals@ucmerced.edu

jason sexton

Land adaption and species range limits; biological response to global change

Email: jsexton2@ucmerced.edu

samuel traina

Chemical transformations of pollutants; chemical speciation and toxicity

Email: straina@ucmerced.edu

joshua viers

Professor Viers is a watershed scientist with expertise in resource management and environmental decision making. His areas of watershed science research include: Agroecology and conservation agriculture planning and implementation, climatic and hydrological change vulnerability assessment and adaptation strategies, ecosystem service and biodiversity inventory, assessment and restoration, geospatial technologies (geographic information systems/remote sensing); Informatics; database design and data mining, water and watershed management; water footprinting

Email: jviers@ucmerced.edu

a. leroy westerling

Applied climatology, climate-ecosystem-wildfire interactions, statistical modeling for seasonal forecasts, paleofire reconstructions, and climate change impact assessments, resource management and policy.

Email: lwesterling@ucmerced.edu

roland winston

Solar power and renewable energy; elementary particle physics

Email: rwinston@ucmerced.edu

Xuan Zhang

Research aims to gain a predictive and mechanistic understanding of the sources, chemistry, and environmental impact of gaseous and particulate pollutants in the air. Prof. Zhang's research provides a causative link of the chemical signature of air pollution with its climate interactions and adverse health impact in a rapidly changing global environment.

Email: xzhang87@ucmerced.edu


martha conklin

Environmental Systems Graduate Program Chair

Email: ESChair@ucmerced.edu

Website: es.ucmerced.edu