Our Faculty



ahmed sabbir arif

Prof. Arif leads the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Group. His research makes computer technologies accessible to everyone by developing intuitive, effective, and enjoyable input and interaction techniques. His other interests include mobile interaction, usable security, assistive technologies, child-computer interaction, tangible user interfaces, and scientific data visualization.

Email: asarif@ucmerced.edu

stefano carpin

Robotics, motion planning, cooperative multi-robot systems, urban search and rescue and service robotics, high-fidelity robot simulation, artificial intelligence

Email: scarpin@ucmerced.edu

miguel a. carreira-perpinan

Machine learning with an emphasis in optimization and applications to computer vision, speech processing, sensor networks and other areas

Email: mcarreira-perpinan@ucmerced.edu

alberto cerpa

Embedded Networked Systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Wireless Sensor Networks, Computer Networks, Distributed Systems, Operating Systems

Email: acerpa@ucmerced.edu

yangquan chen

Unmanned aircraft systems (data drones), mechatronics/unmanned systems, modeling and control of renewable energy systems, cyber physical systems, applied fractional calculus

Email: ychen53@ucmerced.edu

wan du

Cyber physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoTs), networked embedded systems, wireless and moblie networking

Email: wdu3@ucmerced.edu

ariel l. escobar

Bioelectricity, physiological engineering, molecular and cellular cardiology

Email: aescobar4@ucmerced.edu

Hua Huang

Ubiquitous & Mobile Computing, Sensor Systems, Smart Health, Wireless Networks

Email: hhuang80@ucmerced.edu

Hyeran Jeon

High-performance computer architecture and systems, Emerging workloads acceleration, Smart edge-base systems, Energy-efficient data center

Email: hjeon7@ucmerced.edu

marcelo kallmann

Computer graphics, animation, motion and path planning

Email: mkallmann@ucmerced.edu

angelo Kryilov

Artificial intelligence and computer science education, specifically applying machine learning techniques to improve automated assessment software for computer programming exercises

Email: akyrilov@ucmerced.edu

dong li

High performance computing, fault tolerance/resilience in large-scale parallel and distributed systems, heterogeneous computing, power-aware computing, performance modeling and optimization

Email: dli35@ucmerced.edu

shawn newsam

Image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, content-based image retrieval, geoinformatics, data mining

Email: snewsam@ucmerced.edu

david noelle

Computational cognitive neuroscience, artificial neural networks, machine learning, artificial intelligence

Email: dnoelle@ucmerced.edu

florin rusu

Database systems, large-scale management, data aggregation and approximation methods

Email: frusu@ucmerced.edu

mukesh singhal

Cloud computing, Cyber security, Distributed computing, Intelligent systems, Internet of Things (IoTa), Computer networks

Email: msinghal@ucmerced.edu

ming-hsuan yang

Computer vision, pattern reognition, machine learning

Email: mhyang@ucmerced.edu


changqing li

Biomedical imaging, biomedical intsrumentation, medical devices, biomedical optics, nuclear medicine, radiation dose, image reconstruction

Email: cli32@ucmerced.edu

paul maglio

Information technology management, human-computer interaction, service science, cognitive science

Email: pmaglio@ucmerced.edu


alberto cerpa

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Graduate Program Chair

Email: acerpa@ucmerced.edu

Website: eecs.ucmerced.edu