Our Faculty


kristina backer

Auditory perception, cognitive neuroscience

Email: kbacker@ucmerced.edu

ramesh balasubramaniam

Cognitive, neurophysiological and dynamical systems approaches to action

Email: ramesh@ucmerced.edu

Heather Bortfeld

Infant development, speech perception, language processing

Email: hbortfeld@ucmerced.edu

carolyn dicey jennings

Philosophy of mind and cognitive science, attention, perception, consciousness and action

Email: cjennings3@ucmerced.edu

hanna gunn

Epistemology, applied ethics

Email: hgunn@ucmerced.edu

daniel hicks

Philosophy of science, data ethics, science policy

Email: dhicks4@ucmerced.edu

colin holbrook

Decision-making under contexts of threat, morality, group prejudice, and the attribution of mental states

Email: cholbrook@ucmerced.edu

chris kello

Neural networks, complex systems, speech, language and search

Email: ckello@ucmerced.edu

paul maglio

Human-computer interaction, distributed cognition and service science

Email: pmaglio@ucmerced.edu

Tyler Marghetis

Cognitive ecologies, conceptual revolutions, cultural diversity, communication, complex systems

Email: tmarghetis@ucmerced.edu

teenie matlock

Cognitive linguistics, experimental semantics, human-computer interaction and political language

Email: tmatlock@ucmerced.edu

david noelle

Computational cognitive neuroscience, learning and memory and cognitive control

Email: dnoelle@ucmerced.edu

lace padilla

Visual decision making, spatial cognition, applied perception and education

Email: lace.padilla@ucmerced.edu

Rachel Ryskin

Language comprehension and production, learning and memory, predictive processing

Email: rryskin@ucmerced.edu

paul smaldino

Social organization, evolutionary dynamics, mathematical and computational modeling of complex systems, philosophy of science

Email: psmaldino@ucmerced.edu

michael spivey

Language processing, eye movements, embodied cognition and dynamical systems

Email: spivey@ucmerced.edu

jeffery yoshimi

Philosophy of cognitive science, dynamical systems theory and neural networks

Email: jyoshimi@ucmerced.edu


Paul Smaldino

Cognitive and Information Sciences Graduate Program Chair

Email: psmaldino@ucmerced.edu

Website: cogsci.ucmerced.edu