Our Faculty

applied mathematics

Harish s. bhat

Stochastic processes, computational statistics, machine learning.

Email: hbhat@ucmerced.edu

francois blanchette

Fluid dynamics, multiphase flow, stratified fluids, modeling.

Email: fblanchette@ucmerced.edu

camille carvalho

Partial differential equations, numerical analysis, electromagnetics, metamaterials and plasmonics

Email: ccarvarlo@ucmerced.edu

boaz ilan

Linear and nonlinear waves, solar-energy conversion, PDEs, asymptotic analysis and perturbation methods, scientific computing

Email: bilan@ucmerced.edu

shilpa khatri

Fluid-structure interactions, multiphase flows, numerical methods for PDEs, applications in ecology and oceanography.

Email: skhatri3@ucmerced.edu

arnold d. kim

Waves in rahndom media, inverse problems, asymptotic analysis and perturbation methods, scientific computing and numerical analysis.

Email: adkim@ucmerced.edu

yue lei

Lower-dimensional topology and geometry.

Email: ylei2@ucmerced.edu

roummel marcia

Nonlinear optimization, numerical linear algebra, compressed sensing and image processing.

Email: rmarcia@ucmerced.edu

noemi petra

Large-scale inverse problems, PDE-constrained optimization, uncertainty quantification, optimal experimental design

Email: npetra@ucmerced.edu

suzanne sindi

Mathematical biology, computational biology, data science, scientific computing

Email: ssindi@ucmerced.edu

maxime theillard

Numerical modeling of complex fluids.

Email: mtheillard@ucmerced.edu

mayya tokman

Numerical analysis, scientific computing, mathematical modeling.

Email: mtokman@ucmerced.edu


roummel marcia

Applied Mathematics Graduate Program Chair

Email: rmarcia@ucmerced.edu

Website: appliedmath.ucmerced.edu